Better Places to Live and Work

Local × Long-term × commitment


Located in Vancouver, BC, Advisory North's local expertise and experience create long-term relationships that build our community.

We think that local businesses and organizations, of all sizes, are committed to their community. We believe this long term view of commitment, and not a short term focus on quarterly profit, is what leads to long term success and sustainability. It's the right approach for our people, it's the right approach for our businesses and it's the right approach for our communities. 

We are heavily experienced in Strategic Planning, Operations Research & Analysis, Business Case Development, Financial Modelling & Projections, and Economic Analysis. We're not the experts in everything, but anything we can't help you with, we will be happy to reach out through our networks and connect you with someone who can.

As our firm grows, so do our areas of expertise. Let's work together.



For over a decade, members of the Advisory North team have been working to keep your cars on the road, your trucks in the field and your planes in the sky. Our service offering to fleet managers and operators includes:

Financial Management and Planning

Asset Lifecycle Management

Maintenance Operations Improvements

Parts & Inventory Management

Supporting Technology Implementations



Advisory North supports growth in the aerospace industry and businesses in B.C. through a variety of targeted service offerings, including:

Industry Strategy & Analysis

Business Case Development

Funding Case Development

Cost Estimating Training & Support



The team at Advisory North has been helping government agencies achieve their mandates, and assist private companies in securing government support. We help businesses at all stages of their lifecycle to develop strategies and acquire:

Non-dilutive funding as grants

Non-dilutive funding as repayable loans

Access to government resources

Access to government procurement programs